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Zen-mode Solutions simplified. Red is bad, green is good. The more red boxes you have, the more questionable your environment is. Conversely, the more green boxes you have, the closer to Zen you are.

B2B: business to business

E2E encryption: End-to-end encryption

GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications

Haas: Hardware As A Service

Hardening computing: Making devices more safe & locked down

HW: Hardware

ICT: Information and Communications Technology

IDS: Intrusion detection system

IPS: Intrusion prevension system

MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy

RTC: Real-Time Communication (multimedia and audio via VoIP)

Saas: Software As A Service

SMS: Short Message Service

SW: Software

VoIP: Voice Over IP

VPN: Virtual Private network




Server location

Third party server site

  1. Cheaper price = Lower privacy & security
  2. Unknown parties have direct HW access
  3. No logs of staff's site access
  4. American companies = Patriot act

Your / Our secure server site

  1. Higher start price = Better privacy & security
  2. Only trusted partners have direct HW access
  3. Complete logs of staff's site access
  4. Finland's ICT laws. Your data is safe with us

Rented Cloud X + Provider Y + Rented HW

  1. Cheaper in the beginning but way
    more expensive in the long run (ca. x 4)
  2. Unverifiable closed source solutions
  3. Unknown parties have HW & SW access
  4. When rented cloud goes down; wait & pray
  5. HW owner owns cloud (not you, be careful)

Your / Our secure Cloud + Your / Our HW

  1. Expensive in the beginning but pays itself
    back in ca. 3-4 years (then almost gratis)
  2. Verifiable open source solutions
  3. Only trusted partners have HW & SW access
  4. When cloud goes down; you / we can fix it
  5. HW owner owns cloud (you / we)

Apple. Windows. Android. HP-UX. Red hat...

  1. Unverifiable closed source solutions
  2. Code can contain anything
  3. Platform can change under your feet
  4. Expensive

Hardened Linux / Open Source Android

  1. Open source solutions + hardened OS
  2. Code is available & can be verified
  3. Stable. You / We are in charge
  4. Free / Gratis (Open source)
SW / Apps

Google/Apple/MS: mail, cal, cloud-drive...

  1. Closed source unverifiable solutions
  2. Your data is stored by a third party (clear-text)
  3. Third party "suggests" SW & versions

Open source alternatives

  1. Stripped down open source solutions
  2. Your data @ secure site. Encrypted storage.
  3. You choose verifiable SW & versions
Clear-text / Encryption

Normal voice calls, e-mail, messaging app-X

  1. Unencrypted voice calls
  2. Unencrypted e-mails
  3. E-mail headers leak your info (IP & apps etc)
  4. Unencrypted or unverifiable encrypted messaging with third party servers involved

Normal & Encrypted Communication Suite

  1. Verifiable encrypted VOIP calls (SRTP/ZRTP)
  2. Verifiable encrypted e-mails
  3. Anonymized e-mails headers (no leaks)
  4. Verifiable end-to-end encrypted messaging between your own hosts (no thirdy party)
Network privacy

Direct network connection + closed source tools

  1. Zero anonymity. Your IP = You
  2. Your e-mail headers give you away...
    (lists your current IP + tool chains)
  3. Closed source SW, can contain anything
  4. Network actions are traceable back to you

Zen-mode VPN and/or Tor + open source tools

  1. Anonymous & Secure network presence
  2. Anonymized e-mails headers
    (send mails from anywhere, anonymously)
  3. Open source tools that follow your orders
  4. Untraceable network connection
Search engines

Google. Bing. Yahoo... (Text & Voice)

  1. If you login; all your network actions are directly mapped to you
  2. Stores loads of information about you
  3. OS, IP, cookies, browser finger-printing...

Privacy friendly search engines

  1. No login required. No follow me cookies. Searches the web anonymously
  2. No records of you are kept
  3. duckduckgo.com, startpage.com
Social Frameworks

Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Whatsapp. Snapchat...

  1. Unverifiable SW under American law
  2. Your data is stored & analysed by a third party
  3. Everything can be mapped back to you
  4. You are now the product. Congratulations!

Open source & privacy respecting alternatives

  1. https://diasporafoundation.org
  2. https://freenetproject.org/
  3. Your data is your data!
  4. Pay attention to what country your POD server is located in!

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