Zen-mode Solutions Devices you can trust

Zen-mode Solutions is a Finnish cybersecurity software company

We specialize in creating secure & self-hosting solutions. No strings attached.

Verifiable Cyber­security


Verifiable Solutions

No strings attached

= True security

All Zen-mode Solutions can be verified by a third party, even by you yourself (thanks to our all open source approach).

Our standalone solutions can be hosted at the customers premises or at our secure sites. The Customer decides.

Trust your devices and work anonymously & securely from anywhere. We can prove it. Anytime. Anywhere.


From governments all around the world, to Fortune 500 companies, down to the mobile in your pocket. Real cybersecurity is built up from open & secure solutions that can be verified by a third party to (a) be correctly implemented and (b) not to have any strings attached. No buts or maybes.


Picture a Secure & Modern Android mobile which is exclusively under your control
  • Normal mobile functionality: Calls, SMS, MMS, WLAN, Bluetooth, Camera & Video etc
  • Hardened Open Source Android with signed and idempotent builds
  • Encrypted: root filesystem, calendars, contacts followed by strict IPS + firewall rules
  • End-to-end encrypted: quick-messaging, e-mails and VoIP calls (SSL, RSA 4096, AES, ZRTP, SRTP etc)
  • Anonymous (a) e-mail sending & receiving and (b) network presence via VPN + Tor relay
  • No mothership and no third-party solutions

Communicate freely - everything is verifiably encrypted

Regain control over your systems

Your own software package servers for your mobiles, laptops and server systems (compiled, signed and shipped by you / us).

Secure servers safely stored with encrypted filesystems, mail, quick mess­aging, calendars, network meetings and much more...

Your own devices which only talk back to your systems = Silent trustworthy solutions


  • EU GDPR 2018 check
  • Cybersecurity health check
  • Cybersecurity Consultation
  • Continuous Integration & Test Automation Consultation
  • IoT Cybersecurity
  • Voice Encryption
  • Quick Message Encryption
  • Email Encryption
  • Secure Self-hosting Solutions
  • Secure & Self-hosting IT infra
  • Endpoint Security
  • Filesystem & HDD Encryption
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Cybersec Awareness + Training
  • Cybersecurity Forensics
  • Cybersecurity Risk Analysis
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Intrusion Detections Systems
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Testing & Probing


Work securely through any network on the planet

Secure Android Mobile

Secure Linux Laptop

Secure Linux Server

Secure Network Meetings

Secure VPN

Secure & Anonymous Networking

Normal & Secure
Voice Calls

Normal & Secure
Quick Messaging

Normal & Secure + Anonymous E-mails

Secure Calendar

Secure Storage

Secure Contacts


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