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Secure Network Presence & Anonymity

Surf the web freely, knowing that you are anonymous, safe & secure.

Hide your IP and encrypt your network traffic via Zen-mode Solutions fast & secure VPN servers located in Finland. Your Mobile Operator / ISP / adversaries can only see that you have a secure connection to our VPN, after that your trail goes cold. We got your back. [ 1 , 2 , 3 ... ]

Secure Finnish site + Fast network
Open source + End-to-end Encryption + Hardened Servers
Private Finnish company ( + ) == No Patriot Act!

Thus preventing any G-Men (Government people) from coming in and owning your / our hardware behind our backs!

1 month
Secure VPN
Secure Mobile
€14,- pc. / month
3 months
Secure VPN
Secure Mobile
€12,- pc. / month
6 months
Secure VPN
Secure Mobile
€10,- pc. / month

A VPN is great way to help secure & anonymize your network presence but is a VPN all that need to stay secure? No.

For you to be as safe as possible your whole platform + tool chain should be verifiably safe (think: verified open source solutions). The more closed source or unverifiable tools you have, the more bulk / commonly used your hardware is, the more questionable you whole tool chain is. This is why we are Zen-mode Solutions only use open source solutions.

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